Tomkins, A.R., Amela, C., Thomson, C., & Wilson, D.J. 1994 A new insect growth regulator, CGA 59205, with promising activity against scale insects.. Proceedings of the Forty Seventh New Zealand Plant Protection Conference. Waitangi Hotel, New Zealand: Aug. 9-11, 1994. New Zealand Plant Protection Society Rotorua, New Zealand

Notes: Abstract: In the lab, CGA 59205 used at 0.03-0.20 g/litre stopped most first and second instars moulting but did not hinder development of third instar greedy scale (Hemiberlesia rapax); immature third instar greedy scale treated with CGA 59205 produced significantly (P less than 0.002) fewer crawlers, with highest rates almost completely stopping crawler production; monthly field applications of CGA 59205 to citrus reduced leaf infestation by Ceroplastes sinensis and Saissetia sp.