Ter-Grigorian, T. 1973 [Fauna of the Armenian SSR.]. [Fauna of the Armenian SSR: Scale insects (Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae).] Akademii Nauk Armiansky SSR. Erevan, Armenia 246 pp.

Notes: Species reviewed include those from the genera Allococcus, Atrococcus, Centrococcus, Ceroputo, Chaetococcus, Chnaurococcus, Coccura, Eumirococcus, Europersia, Heliococcus, Heterococcus, Mirococcopsis, Mirococcus, Naiacoccus, Peliococcopsis, Peliococcus, Phenacoccopsis, Phenacoccus, Physococcus, Planococcus, Pseudococcus, Rhizoecus, Rhodania, Spinococcus and Trionymus.