Tang, F.T. 1992 _. [The Pseudococcidae of China.] Chinese Agricultural Science Technology Press Beijing, China 768 pp.


  • key
  • list of species
  • Notes: Key to taxa of all Pseudococcidae; descriptions or redescriptions of Antonina elongata, new sp., Chorizococcus scorzomerae, new sp., Formicococcus gastrodiae, new sp., Mirococcopsis chinensis, new sp., Mirococcus leymicola, new sp., M. scoparicola, new sp., Nipaecoccus lycii, new sp., Palmicultor bambusum, new sp., Paraputo citricola, new sp., Peliococcus lycicola, new sp., Pseudorhodania oryzae, new sp., Puto jarudensis, new sp., Ripersiella helanensis, new sp., Spilococcus innermongolicus, new sp., Spinococcus jartaiensis, new sp., Stipacoccus xilinahatus, new sp., Tibetococcus dingriensis, new comb., T. nyalamiensis, new comb., T. triticola, new comb., and Kermicoides minimus.