Taleb, M.A., & Rahman, M.A. 2004 Screening of some advance clones of sugarcane for their resistance against major insect pests.. Journal of Agriculture & Rural Development (Gazipur) 2(1): 89-94.

Notes: Nine promising sugarcane clones (I 97-91, I 98-91, I 101-91, I 127-91, I 155-91, I 159-91, I 168-91, I 209-91 and I 217-91), along with one commercial cultivar (Isd 16), were screened for their resistance against major insect pests during 1998-2001 in Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh. All tested clones were considered as susceptible to stem borer [Chilo spp.], root borer (Empoasca depressella [Polyocha depressella]), top shoot borer [Scirpophaga excerptalis], mealy bug [Saccharicoccus sacchari] and scale insects [Coccoidea] on the basis of infestation levels over 3 years. Infestation levels of all pests were numerically lower in I 155-91 and I 209-91. These two clones might be chosen as promising materials for further studies to develop them as commercial cultivars.