Takagi, S., & Moghaddam, M. 2005 New or noteworthy armoured scale insects occurring in Iran (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae).. Insecta Matsumurana (New Series) 61: 43-74.

Notes: Twelve species of armoured scale insects occurring in Iran are dealt with, including two new species, Rungaspis avicenniae and Diaspidiotus platychaetae, and three newly recorded species, Lepidosaphes pallidula (Williams), Mongrovaspis quadrispinosa (Green), and Oceanaspidiotus spinosus (Comstock). Two undetermined forms are described and illustrated: they may belong to Contigaspis zillae and Balachowskiella salvadorae, respectively, unless they represent new species. Mercetaspis isis (Hall) inhabits a branch gall probably induced by a mite. Fiorinia phoenicis Balachowsky, Lepidosaphes belutchistana Balachowsky, Suturaspis archangelskyae (Archangelskaya), and Suturaspis crataegi (Bodenheimer) (=Leucaspidiopsis crataegi Bodenheimer) are remarkably variable in some pygidial features of the adult or second-instar females, and the significance of these varying features is mentioned in an extended discussion.