Takagi, S., & Germain, J.-F. 2008 A new mangrove-associated scale insect of Suluaspis from the Solomon Islands (Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea: Diaspididae). . Insecta Matsumurana (New Series) 64: 127-134

Notes: Suluaspis vanikoroana, sp. nov., is described from Vanikoro, the Solomon Islands. It was collected on an undetermined mangrove, and represents a second species of Suluaspis, a genus recently erected on the basis of the mangrove-associated S. rhizophorae \Tom the Philippines. As compared with the type species, the new species is primitive in having distinct third trollae and may be derivative in having short minute ducts submarginally on the prepygidial dorsum and filiform ducts on the pygidial dorsum. The two species are widely separated in distribution, and the locality of the new species is an oceanic islet group remote \Tom larger islands. All this suggests that the genus has further species occurring probably in association with mangroves in a broad region including tropical eastern Asia and islands of the western Pacific.