Takagi, S., & De Faveri, S. 2011 Notes on Scale Insects Associated with Mangroves in Australia, with Descriptions of Two New Species (Sternorrhyncha, Coccoidea, Diaspdidae). Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology 17(1):13-25

Notes: Ten species of diaspidid scale insects are recorded as occurring on mangroves in Australia in addition to another mangrove scale, Aulacaspis australis, which has been known from Queensland. Two of them, Poliaspis incisa from Northern Territory and Aulacaspis constricta from Northern Territory and Western Australia, are described as new species, and the other eight species are recorded from Queensland or Northern Territory. Poliaspis incisa should have originated from an inland form occurring in Australia, whereas Aulacaspis constricta and Aulacaspis australis or their immediate ancestors are supposed to have spread from tropical Asia through stepping-stone routes in Wallacea to the western and eastern coasts of Australia.