Sutter, L., Dekumbis, V., Ançay, A., Mattei, G., Frey, B., Frey, J.E., & Blaser, S. 2021 First records of Ceroplastes ceriferus (Fabricius) (Hemiptera: Coccidae) and Ceroplastes japonicus (Gray) in Switzerland identified by DNA barcoding. EPPO Bulletin 2021;00: 1–5.


  • DNA
  • distribution
  • host
  • Notes: Here we report the first findings of the wax scales Ceroplastes ceriferus and Ceroplastes japonicus for Switzerland. The two new findings of Ceroplastes were collected on Laurus nobilis and Vaccinium myrtillus, respectively, and identified by DNA barcoding.