Suresh, S., & Mohanasundaram, M. 1996 Coccoid (Coccoidea: Homoptera) fauna of Tamil Nadu, India.. Journal of Entomological Research. New Delhi 20: 233-274.

Notes: Among a total of 95 species under 12 families, 10 species of coccids belonging to the Genera Pulvinaria, Aspidiotus, Aulacaspis, Chionaspis, Morganella, Parlatoria, Anomalococcus, Criniticoccus, Maconellicoccus and Pseudococcus were new to science; species recorded for the first time in India are Aulacaspis martini, Chionaspis broughae, Morganella cueroensis, Ferrisia consobrina, Parlatoria citri and Aspidiotus cochereaui; hosts.