Soleyman Nejadiyan, E., & Dejakam, M. 2001 Investigation on the protection of Nipaecoccus viridis (New.) by Crematogaster antaris (Forel) (Hym.: Formicidae) against two wasp parasitoids on citrus in Dezful.. The Scientific Journal of Agriculture Shahid Chamran Univ. Press (Iran Islamic Republic) 23(2):

Notes: The effect of symbiotic relationships between the ant, Crematogaster antaris and the mealybug, Nipaecoccs viridis on parasitism induced by Anagyrus agraensis and A. dactylopii (How.) (Hym.: Encyrtidae) was investigated in a citrus orchard and laboratory condition in 1996-97. A selection of 10 lemon trees infested by mealybug were examined in an orchard located in Dezful, southwest of Iran. The results confirmed the protection of the mealybug against parasitoids by C. antaris. The negative effect of symbiotic ants on population suppression of mealybugs must be considered in IPM programs.