Sison, M.L.J., Cueva, F.M.d., & Pozon, A.P.M. 2017 Transmission of Episomal Banana Streak Virus by Mealybugs of Different Host Plants. Journal of ISSAAS 23(2): 203-214


  • virus transmission
  • Notes: The B genome of Musa cultivars contain several infectious endogenous sequences of Banana streak virus (BSV) that constrains bunch growth and harvest. BSV can be easily transmitted into the banana plant by mealybugs (Pseudococcidae) which are known to subsist on banana and other plantain. The results showed that episomal BSV can be transmitted to uninfected banana not only by mealybugs of Musa sp. (Pseudococcus elisae and Dysmicoccus brevipes) but also by mealybugs of Manilkara zapota (unreported), Anonna muricata, Ananas comosus (Dysmicoccus brevipes) and Nephelium napaceum. The mealybugs from pineapple and rambutan had the highest transmission efficiency (100%).