Simmonds, H.W. 1938 Coconut pests and diseases in Melanesia and southern Polynesia.. Bulletin (Department of Agriculture, Fiji) No. 20: 1-39.

Notes: Aspidiotus destructor is the main scale species reviewed. Other species mentioned include Aspidiotus palmae, A. pangoensis, A. dictyospermi, A. simmondsi, A. cyanophylli, Hemichionaspis minor, Aulacaspis cinnamoni, Lecanium tasselatum, Platylecanium cocotis, Heterococcus painei, Pseudococcus cocotis, P. leveri, Pseudococcus vitiensis, P. simmondsi, Neosimmondsia hirsuta and Pseudococcus bromeliae.