Silvie, P., Goergen, G., Boavida, C., Germain, J.-F., & Gachet, E. 2015 Analyse de risque phytosanitaire express Rastrococcus invadens, la cochenille asiatique identifiée récemment en Guyane française Express Phytosanitary Risk Analysis. Notice regarding a simplified risk assessment request for the Asian mealy bug, Rastrococcus invadens recently identified in French Guiana.]. ANSES CIRAD Maisons-Alfort, France 122


  • distribution
  • economic importance
  • Notes: The Asian cochineal, Rastrococcus invadens, was detected for the first time in September 2014 in the area of ​​Cayenne, in the French Guyana. A practical pest alert was prepared by the management of the Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DAAF) of Guyana.