Shiau, Y.C. 1990 [Archaeococcoidea of Taiwan (Homoptera: Coccoidea).]. 129 pp.

Notes: [Thesis.] 17 species in 8 genera belonging to 2 families are described and illustrated. The measurements of the morphological characters are based on female adults. Keys to the Taiwanese families, genera and species are provided. Phenagrams of the 17 species are also clustered for their interrelationship. Species listed are Drosicha contrahens, D. dalbergiae, D. maskelli, D. pinicola, Icerya aegyptiaca, I. purchasi, Icerya seychellarum, Kuwania quercus, Kuwania sp. 1, Lecaniodrosicha lithocarpi, Newsteadia mauritiana, Nipponorthezia ardisiae and Orthezia yasushii. Four new species are identified and named, but without official taxonomic sanction in this thesis.