Schneider, S.A., & LaPolla, J.S. 2020 Trophobiosis between a new species of Williamsrhizoecus (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Rhizoecidae) and Acropyga silvestrii (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Tanzania. Zootaxa 4853 (2): 283–291


  • ant association
  • description
  • diagnosis
  • illustration
  • key
  • Notes: A new myrmecophilous species of root mealybug, Williamsrhizoecus udzungwensis is described from individuals found living within a nest of Acropyga silvestrii in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania. This discovery contributes important information about the few species of Rhizoecidae confirmed to engage in these unique symbioses, each putatively the result of a past horizontal transmission event from a xenococcid to a rhizoecid lineage. Included is a discussion on the diagnosis of Williamsrhizoecus and an updated key to the species.

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