Schneider, S.A., Broadley, H.J., Andersen, J.C., Elkinton, J.S., Hwang, S.Y., Liu, C., Noriyuki, S., Park, J.S., Dao, H.T., Lewis, M.L., Gould, J.R., Hoelmer, K.A., & Diaz, R. 2022 An invasive population of Roseau Cane Scale in the Mississippi River Delta, USA originated from northeastern China. Biological invasions


  • DNA
  • biological control
  • diagnosis
  • dispersal
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: We used mitochondrial COI sequence data, drawn from collections of N. biwakoensis spanning the native and invasive range, to identify the origin of the established population in Louisiana and Texas. Additionally, we identified two cryptic species of Nipponaclerda on Phragmites, one in Japan and another in Viet Nam. This research offers new depths of perspective on population structure for a rarely studied group of scale insects, the flat grass scales (Aclerdidae)