Schneider, S.A. 2019 A key to the flat grass scale genus Nipponaclerda (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Aclerdidae). ZooKeys 862: 81-87


  • key
  • Notes: The flat grass scale genus Nipponaclerda comprises four species, native to Central and East Asia. Nipponaclerda biwakoensis has been introduced to the United States and is considered a serious pest of Phragmites australis, the common reed. Heavy infestations of N. biwakoensis in coastal marshes of Louisiana have coincided with extensive die-off of reeds. In this article, dichotomous identification keys to the genera of Aclerdidae and to the species of Nipponaclerda are provided, allowing for accurate identification of species found in the native and invasive range.

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