Schmutterer, H. 1998 Some arthropod pests and a semi-parasitic plant attacking neem (Azadirachta indica) in Kenya.. Anzeiger Schädlingskunde, Pflanzen(schutz) und Umweltschutz 71: 36-38.

Notes: In 1996 and 1997, several pests and a semi-parasitic plant species were identified as pests of the neem tree in Kenya. Some damage was caused by a gall mite (Phyllocoptes sp.) at Mbita Point in western Kenya in a nursery and on older plants. The potentially dangerous scale insect Aonidiella orientalis was widespread in western Kenya but not harmful at the time of the survey. In coastal areas the semi-parasite Cassytha filiformis was very common. This plant is able to kill mature trees growing under unfavourable conditions. As in West Africa, fruit bats like Epomophorus wahlbergi were useful due to their feeding activity on the pulp of ripe neem fruit, meaning that depulping (by man) was unnecessary.