Sankaran, T. 1984 . Survey for Natural Enemies of Diaspine Scale Insects in South India: Final Technical Report for the Period November 5, 1980 to November 4, 1983. Commonnwealth Institute of Biological Control Bangalore, India 87 pp.

Notes: 176 localities in six provinces in India were surveyed revealing 80 species of diaspine scales belonging to 36 genera occurring on about 130 species of host plants, belonging to some 50 families. Several new host records of pest species like Aonidiella aurantii, A. orientalis, Aonidomytilus albus, Parlatoria pergandii, P. zizyphus and Pseudaulacaspis pentagona and also of several less known scale insects were made. Pseudaulacaspis pentagona was recorded for the first time in south India. Host plant index, host plant-scale index, host-parasite index, parasite-host index, predator-prey index and localities surveyed are provided in appendices.