Saddiq, B., Abbas, N., Shad, S.A., Aslam, M., & Afzal, M.B.S. 2016 Deltamethrin resistance in the cotton mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley: Cross-resistance to other insecticides, fitness cost analysis and realized heritability. Phytoparasitica 44: 83–90


  • chemical control
  • ecology
  • life history
  • resistance
  • Notes: To assess the risk of resistance and design a strategy for resistance management, a field collected population of P. solenopsis was selected with deltamethrin in the laboratory for six generations to investigate the cost to its fitness and to examine cross resistance to different insecticides. The deltamethrin resistance population exhibited strong cross-resistance to acetamiprid and lambda-cyhalothrin, but no crossresistance to profenofos when compared to that of the UNSEL. The relative fitness of the Delta-SEL population was 0.37, with considerably lower survival rates from crawler to second instar, fecundity, hatchability, number of next generation nymphs, net reproductive rate and biotic potential compared with that of the UNSEL