Sacco, M., Pasini, C., D'Aquila, F., Fadelli, P., Tommasini, M.G., & Sekeroglu, E. 2000 First experiences in Italy of IPM on ornamental cut foliage: Danae racemosa and Fatsia japonica.. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin 23(1): 3-8.

Notes: On the Northwest coast of Italy, ornamentals and cut foliage are the main cultivated crops. Among cut foliage crops, Ruscus (Danae racemosa) and Fatsia (Fatsia japonica) are two of the most important. To enhance the quality of these products, the application of integrated pest management (IPM) using natural enemies has begun. Parasitoids and predators, as for example, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri against scales (Icerya purchasi, Planococcus citri, Saisettia oleae and Protopulvinaria pyriformis). Due to the absence of effective natural enemies and its resistance to selective pesticides, P. pyriformis is an obstacle to the development of IPM for Fatsia.