Roversi, P.F., Pennacchio, F., & Toccafondi, P. 1997 Studi sugli entomofagi predatori di cocciniglie del gen. Matsucoccus Cock. in Italia. III. Modalita di ovideposizione e morfologia delle uova di Elatophilus pini (Bar.), E. nigricornis (Zett.) e Dufouriellus ater (Dufour) (Rhynchota Anthocoridae). Redia 80: 87-97.

Notes: Title in English: [Studies on the predator-complex of Matsucoccus Cock occurring in Italy. III. Oviposition behaviour and egg morphology of Elatophilus pini (Bar.), E. nigricornis (Zett.) and Dufouriellus ater (Dufour) (Rhynchota Anthocoridae)] The oviposition behaviour and egg morphology of three anthocorids, Elatophilus pini, E. nigricornis and Dufouriellus ater, are described. These species were already known as predators of the maritime pine bast scale Matsucoccus feytaudi in northwestern Italy (Liguria). The distinctive structural features of egg opercula are described and different ways of selecting oviposition sites are reported for these Elatophilus species which insert their eggs into the pine [Pinus] needles. This behaviour and the population dynamics of these predators in pine stands infested by M. feytaudi is discussed as well as their ability to control the bast scale after an initial outbreak.