Rouhani, M., Vahedi, H.A., & Marefat, A. 2018a New Faunistic Records of Armoured Scale Insects of Southern Iran (Hemiptera: Diaspididae). Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 61: e18180344 2018


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  • Notes: As a result of recent field work in southern Iran from 2012 to 2016, twenty species of armoured scale insects were collected, representing two subfamilies (Aspidiotinae and Diaspidinae) and 4 tribes including Aspidiotini (8 species in 5 genera), Diaspidini (4 species in 2 genera), Leucaspidini (5 species in 4 genera) and Parlatoriini (3 species in 1 genus). The species Diaspidiotus gigas (Thiem and Gerneck), is illustrated and redescribed from Iran for the first time. In addition, four species are reported and redescribed from south of Iran for the first time: Aspidiotus nerii Bouché, Diaspidiotus armenicus Borchsenius, Leucaspis pusilla Löw, Melanaspis louristana Balachowsky and Kaussari.