Rong, I.H., & Grobbelaar, E. 1998 South African records of associations between fungi and arthropods.. African Plant Protection 4: 1, 43-63.

Notes: Concern about the use of pesticides has stimulated research on natural methods of insect control. Many examples exist of interactions between fungi and arthropods, some of which have been exploited for the control of agricultural pests. An overview is presented of fungus-arthropod associations recorded in South Africa and their distribution, type and validity are discussed. Records include members of the arthropod classes Arachnida, Diplopoda and Insecta, the best-studied being the Homoptera (scale insects) and Isoptera (termites). Species listed include Africaspis parinarii, Aonidiella aurantii, Aonidomytilus albus, Batudiaspis loranthi, Ceroplastes sp., Chrysomphalus aurantii, Dactylopius opuntiae, Hemiberlesia rapax, Icerya purchasi, Lepidosaphes beckii, L. gloverii, L. pinnaeformis, Parlatoria sp., and P. ziziphi.