Roltsch, W.J., Ertle, L.R., & Meyerdirk, D.E. 2007 No-choice host range tests for Allotropa sp. near mecrida, a parasitoid of the pink hibiscus mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae).. Biocontrol Science and Technology 17(9): 977-981

Notes: Host range studies of the parasitoid Allotropa sp. near mecrida (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) were conducted prior to applying for a permit to release it against the pink hibiscus mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), in southern California. Using M. hirsutus as a control, four mealybug species were tested as potential hosts. Allotropa sp. near mecrida did not successfully reproduce in any of the mealybug species tested, except for the target species, M. hirsutus. The parasitoid was found to host feed upon one of the non-target species within the confined test environment. Subsequently a USDA-APHIS importation and release permit was granted. Internet Link: