Riom, J. 1984 Intérêt des méthodes de télédétection pour le suivi des problèmes phytosanitaires en forêt. [Interests of teledetection methods in following the progress of forest protection problems.]. Comptes Rendus des Séances de l'Académie d'Agriculture de France 70: 857-870.

Notes: New methods are described of detecting pest damage to forest canopies from a distance, comprising colour and monochrome aerial photography, infra-red photography and radiometric methods. The information obtained depends on complex differences in colour and texture of the tree canopy caused by various pests and diseases at different intensities or densities. Examples are given in the text and in diagrams from the information obtained by aerial photography in France on dieback caused by Cryptococcus fagi [C. fagisuga] in beechwoods over a period of 20 years and by infra-red photography on the decline of maritime pine [Pinus pinaster] caused by Matsucoccus feytaudi.