Rezk, M., Hassan, A-N.T., El-Deeb, M.F., Shaarawy, N., & Dewer, Y. 2019 The impact of insecticides on the cotton mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis (Tinsley): Efficacy on potato, a new record of host plant in Egypt. Journal of Plant Protection Research 59(1): 50-59


  • chemical control
  • host
  • Notes: Phenacoccus solenopsis, a new pest of potato plants in Egypt was noticed for the first time during the growing season of 2016 (mid-August 2016). In an attempt to control this insect pest species, seven insecticides viz. sulfoxaflor, abamectin + thiamethoxam, spirotetramat, thiamethoxam, imidacloprid, buprofezin, and pymetrozine, belonging to different chemical groups, were tested for their effect against nymphs and adult females under field conditions.