Razig, A.A.M.A. 2014 Survey For Assessment and Identification Of Insect Pests On Date Palm In Some localities Of Northern State, Sudan. Persian Gulf Crop Protection 3(1): 63-69

Notes: The study was carried out in the Northern State during summer 2009 to quantify the abundance and intensity of the incidence of the green pit scale Asterolecanium phoenicts (Rao), the white scale Paralatoria blanchardii (Targ) and the termite Odontotermis smeathmani (Full) on date palm trees. The results showed that, the incidence of white scales was slight (Less than 50 indiviuals/cm2) to moderate (50 ¬100 individuals/cm2) at New Hamdab, Gushabi and Abu Doum areas. Also the survey revealed varying levels of termite infestation at Abu Doum and Gushabi areas ranging between 25-75% according to the length of colony (infestation) on the stem.