Ramos Portilla, A.A. 2014 Second-time Synonymy of Rhizoecus perprocerus De Lotto, 1961, with Rhizoecus graminis (Hambleton, 1946) (Hemiptera: Rhizoecidae). Boletín del Museo de Entomología de la Universidad del Valle 15(1):7-11

Notes: Previously, Cox (1978) synonymized Rhizoecus perprocerus De Lotto, 1961 with Morrisonella graminis Hambleton, 1946 (now known as Rhizoecus graminis), based on a morphological comparative study of the adult female. Later, Kozár & Konczné Benedicty (2007) considered the synonymy by Cox (1978) as an incorrect synonymy. In the present study, R. perproceruse is once more synonymized with R. graminis after reexamination of the morphology of the type material of R. graminis and R. perprocerus. The taxonomic value of the shape and length of the genitalia, the distribution of ventral tritubular ducts on the abdomen, and the size of the clavate sensory setae in the antennae are discussed.