Quiroz E., C. 2003 Insectos y acaros fitófagos asociados al pecano, Carya illinoinensis koch, y su situación en Chile. [Phytophagous insects and mites associated with pecan, Carya illinoinensis Koch, and the situation in Chile].. Revista Fruticola 24(3): 99-104.

Notes: Notes are given on the most important pests of pecan worldwide. The main groups of arthropod pests of pecan in Chile are listed, including mites (Eotetranychus lewisi and Panonychus ulmi), Hemiptera (Eulecanium spp. and Pseudococcus viburni), Thysanoptera (Frankliniella occidentalis and F. australis) and borer (Dexicrates robustus). Notes are given on the characteristics and importance of each group.