Poveda-Martinez, D., Aguirre, M.B., Logarzo, G.A., Calderón, L., Colina, A. de la, Hight, S.D., Triapitsyn, S.V., Diaz-Soltero, H., & Hasson, E. 2019 Untangling the Hypogeococcus pungens species complex (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) for Argentina, Australia, and Puerto Rico based on host plant associations and genetic evidence. PLoS One 14(7): e0220366


  • DNA
  • host
  • phylogenetics
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: Here we present reproductive incompatibility and phylogenetic evidences that give support to the hypothesis that H. pungens is a species complex in which divergence appears to be driven by the host plants. Species delimitation analysis revealed two well-supported putative species within H. pungens, one including mealybugs feeding on Amaranthaceae (H. pungens sensu stricto), and a new undescribed species using Cactaceae as hosts. Additionally, we found asymmetric reproductive incompatibility between these putative species suggesting recent reproductive isolation.

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