Picart, J.-L., & Matile-Ferrero, D. 2000 Cochenilles en serres de collections.] [Mealybugs in collection greenhouses.]. Phytoma 524: 44-46.

Notes: 18 different species have currently been identified, on plants belonging to 15 different families. Three of these species are new to France, Trochiscococcus speciosus, Pseudococcus microcirculus and Pseudaulacaspis cockerelli. The other species are Aspidiotus nerii, Balanococcus diminutus, Ceroplastes sinensis, Chrysomphalus aonidum, Coccus hesperidum, Diaspis duvalii, D. echinocacti, Furchadiaspis zamiae, Opuntiaspis philococcus, Ovaticoccus agavium, Planococcus citri, P. pentagona, Pseudococcus microcirculus, P. viburni, Saissetia coffeae and S. oleea.