Peronti, A.L.B.G., & Granara de Willink, M.C. 2008 Revisão das espécies de Ceroplastinae Atkinson (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Coccidae) do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil. [Revision of the species of Ceroplastinae Atkinson (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Coccidae) of São Paulo State, Brasil. . Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 52(2): 139-181

Notes: The species of Ceroplastinae (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Coccidae) from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil are revised. Thirty-six species were studied, 9 are synonyrmized, 8 new species are described and 19 known species are redescribed. Ceroplasltes campinensis Hempel 1901, C. bicolor Hempel, 1901, C. excaeericae Hempe1. 1912 and C. farmairii (Signoret, 1866) were not studied because the type material or other specimens were not found. Our studies indicate that C. albolineatus Cockerell, 1894 and C. confluens Cockerell & Tinsley, 1898 were erroneously cited by Hempe], 1900 as occurruing in the state of Sao Paulo. Coccus stellifera Westwood, 1871, currently Vinsonia slelliera (Westwood, 1871), is transferred to Ceroplastes as Ceroplastes stellifera (Westwood, 1871) n, comb. Ceroplastes -flosculoides Matile-Ferrero, 1993 is recorded for the first time in Brazil and Ceroplastes cassiae (Chavannes, 1848), C. deodorensis Hempel, 1937, C. Formosans Hempel, 1900 and C. quadratus Green, 1935 arc recorded for the first time for state of Sao Paulo. The Ceroplastinae is now represented by 31 species in the state of Sao Paulo. all included in the genus Ceroplastes. Identification key and il1ustralions for species are included. New synonyms are proposed: C. formicarius Hempel = Ceroplastes communis Hempel, 1900 n. syn.; C. janeircnsis Gray, 1828 = Ceroplastes psidii (Chavannes, I848) n. syn. = C. simplex Hempel, 1900 n. syn.; C. cirripediformis Comstock, I881 = C. cultus Hempel, 1900 n. Syn. = C. cuneatus Hempel, 1900 n. syn. = C. rarus Hempel, 1900 n. syn and C. rotundus Hempel, 1900 n. syn.: C. lucidus Hempel, 1900 = C. novaesi Hempel. 1900 n. syn.; C. grandis Hempel, 1900 = C. rhizophorae Hempel, 1918 n, syn. New species described are: C. acutus sp. nov.; C. bragai sp. nov.; C. coronatus sp. nov,,: C. glomeratus sp. no,,: C. jordanensis sp. nov.; C. minimus, sp. nov.; C. solanaceus sp. nov.; C. willinkae sp. nov. Redescrihcd species are: C. agrostis Hempel, 1932: C. cassiae; C. cirripediformis; C. deodorensis: C. diospyros· Hempel, 1928; C. floridensis Comstock, 1881; C. flosculoides; C formicarius Hempe 1900: C. formosus 1900; HempeL 1900; C. grandis·; C. gregarious Hempel, 1932; C. iheringi Cockerell, 1895; C. janeirensis; C. lucidus: C. purpuresus HempeL 1900; C quadratus; C. speciosusus Hempel, 1900: C. stellifera n. comb. and C. variegates Hempel, 1900. Leclotypes and paralectotypes of C. agrestis, C deodorensis, C. diospyros, C. purpureus, C. formosus, C. speciosus and C. variegates and a neotype for C. cassiae are designated.