Pemberton, R.W. 2003a Invasion of Paratachardina lobata lobata (Hemiptera: Kerriidae) in south Florida: a snapshot sample of an infestation in a residential yard.. Florida Entomologist 86(3): 373-377.

Notes: [] A recent insect invader in South Florida, the lobate lac scale (Paratachardina lobata lobata) attacked 55% (37/67) of the plant species in 63% (19/30) families at a sampled site. Many important plants in southern Florida were attacked including: tropical fruits (grapefruit, mango, lychee and sugar apple), native plants (wild coffee, laurel oak and wax myrtle), and important landscape trees and shrubs (black olive, hibiscus, Surinam cherry, and gardenia). Some plants such as wax myrtle are killed by the scale. Research to develop control methods is urgently needed.

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