Padmaja, C., Babu, T.R., Reddy, D.D.R., & Sriramulu, M. 1995 Biology and predation potential of Scymnus coccivora Aiyar (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on mealybugs.. Journal of Entomological Research 19(1): 79-81.

Notes: The effect of ambient temperatures on the duration of development of Scymnus coccivora was quantified by deriving regression equations for each life stage as well as the total life cycle. The duration of life stages was shorter during the summer (15.65 days in April) and longer during winter (26.52 days in December). The male:female ratio was 1:0.95. Each female S. coccivora laid an average of 84.7 eggs when reared on Maconellicoccus hirsutus. The percentage hatchability of the eggs was 89.86. The longevity of males and females was 61.7 and 66.8 days, resp., when reared on M. hirsutus. A single adult of S. coccivora consumed 864.4 eggs, whereas larval consumption was 314.2 eggs. M. hirsutus was the preferred prey followed by Ferrisia virgata and Planococcus spp.