Pacheco da Silva, V.C., Kaydan, M.B., Silva-Torres, C.S.A.D., & Torres, J.B. 2019 Mealybug species (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Pseudococcidae) on soursop and sugar apple (Annonaceae) in North-East Brazil, with description of a new species of Pseudococcus Westwood. Zootaxa 4604(3): 525–538


  • DNA
  • description
  • diagnosis
  • genebank
  • host
  • illustration
  • key
  • list
  • Notes: A survey of mealybug species associated with commercial sugar apple (Annona squamosa L.) and soursop (A. muricata L.) was conducted in the main production areas. A new species, Pseudococcus annonae Pacheco da Silva & Kaydan, is described and illustrated, and an identification key to the mealybug genera occurring on annonaceous species in the Neotropical region is also provided.