Önder, E.P., & Tunçyürek, M.S. 1984 [Investigations on methods of the chemical control of the wax scale Ceroplastes rusci damaging fig trees in the Aegean region.] Ege Bölgesi incirlerinde zarar yapan kanli balsira (Ceroplastes rusci) 'nin kimyasal savas etodlari üzerinde arastirmalar.. Bitki Koruma Bulteni. Ankara (Plant Protection Bulletin) 24(4): 200-212.

Notes: The coccid Ceroplastes rusci is the main pest of fig trees in western Turkey. In the Aegean Region, 10 insecticide formulations were applied in the winter against the nymphs and young adult females, in spring against the virgin adults, at the beginning of June (before caprification) against crawlers of the first 2 nymphal instars and at the beginning of July against the 2nd- and 3rd-instar nymphs. The best results (usually over 90% mortality) were given by Folimat 50 emulsion (omethoate), Hostathion 40 EC [triazophos], Fosforin M 35 EC [parathion-methyl], all applied at 0.15%, and Supracide 40 EC (methidathion) applied at 0.1%. The best times for application were after over 90% of the eggs had hatched, ending 10 days before caprification (in the last week of May or the first week of June), or from the end of September (just after harvest) to 10 October. Analysis of residues in the harvested figs indicated that omethoate and parathion-methyl could be safely used throughout the season but that applications of methidathion should cease 35 days before harvest.