Newstead, R. 1907a List of other known African species of scale pests.. Notes on the Injurious Scale Insects and Mealy Bugs of Egypt; Together with Other Insect Pests and Fungi. National Printing Department Cairo 28 + XX pp.


  • economic importance
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: Species listed include Aspidiotus nerii, A. cydoniae, A. rapax, Chionaspis crypheaformis, C. nerii, C. straita, Diaspis calyptroides, Ischnaspis filiformis, Mytilaspis (Lepidosaphes) ampelodesmae, M. (L.) beckii, M. (L.) bicolor, M. (L.) minima, Parlatoria affinis, P. cilianthina, P. pergandii and P. zizyphi.