Ndlela, S., Niassy, S., & Mohamed, S.A. 2022 Important alien and potential native invasive insect pests of key fruit trees in Sub‑Saharan Africa: advances in sustainable pre- and post‑harvest management approaches. CABI Agriculture and Bioscience 3{7):


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  • Notes: Climate change is expected to play a huge role in the influx of more alien invasive species and the shift of ecological requirements of some native species. Though a fair share of pre-and post-management pest management techniques for several insect pests has been developed, adoption and adaptation of the options are limited. Data on economic and social implications are largely lacking, making it challenging to implement informed policy decisions. The existence of the “Strategy for Managing Invasive Species in Africa 2021–2030” promises a paradigm shift in the management of invasives, from reactive thinking to coordinated proactive approaches.