Nakao, S.I. 1987 [Ecological notes on some insect pests of citrus, 1.]. Kurume University Journal 36(2): 173-182.

Notes: The monthly population changes for each of the development stages of 9 arthropod pests and 3 families of predators on citrus trees in Japan and the effect of orientation are presented. The pests covered are: the diaspidid Unaspis yanonensis, the aphids Toxoptera citricidus, Aphis gossypii and Aulacorthum magnoliae, the aleyrodids Dialeurodes citri and Aleurotuberculatus aucubae, the tetranychid Panonychus citri, the pseudococcid Pseudococcus citriculus and the phyllocnistid Phyllocnistis citrella. The families of predatory insects covered are coccinellids, syrphids and endomychids.