Myartseva, S.N., Kalagina, G.A., & Potaeva, A.G. 1995 Graminicolous scale insects of Turkmenistan.. Israel Journal of Entomology 29: 223-225.

Notes: 30 species belonging to 6 families of scale insects (Pseudococcidae, Eriococcidae, Coccidae, Diaspididae, Margarodidae and Aclerdidae) have been recorded in Turkmenistan from 23 genera of gramineous plants, family Poaceae; most frequently infested host plants include Phragmites australis, Erianthus purpurascens, Sorghum, Stipa, Festuca and Agropyron; 42 species of parasitic Hymenoptera, family Encyrtidae, were reared from 14 species of the above.