Muzaffar, N., & Ahmad, R. 1977 A note on Saissetia privigna (Hem.: Coccidae) in Pakistan and the breeding of its natural enemies.. Entomophaga 22: 45-46.

Notes: The natural enemies in Pakistan of Saissetia privigna De Lotto, which had been confused with S. oleae (Ol.) during a survey there for natural enemies of this scale insect, were found to include Anysis saissetiae (Ashm.), Metaphycus citricola Annecke & Mynhardt, Eublemma sp. and Scymnus coccivora Ram. Ayyar (Pullus coccidivora), which were found attacking it on Erythrina sp. at Karachi. None afforded appreciable control. Aneristus ceroplastae How. and Encyrtus lecaniorum (Mayr) were reared from Saissetia privigna collected at Karachi and (on mango) at Lahore. Both parasites were reared in the laboratory on S. privigna and Pulvinaria sp. and despatched to France, where A. ceroplastae was released on citrus infested by Ceroplastes rusci (L.) and has become established, and E. lecaniorum was released on olive infested by S. oleae. E. lecaniorum has been recovered on a few occasions.