Muturi, S.M., Wachira, F.N., Karanja, L.S., & Njeru, L.K. 2016 The Mode of Transmission of Banana streak virus by Paracoccus burnerae (Homiptera; Planococcidae) Vector is Non-circulative. British Microbiology Research Journal 12(6): 1-10, 2016


  • vector
  • virus transmission
  • Notes: The findings of the study indicated that BSV has no latent period in P. burnerae during transmission at ambient conditions (9-30°C). However, t he vector can retain and transmit BSV for a period of four days under ambient temperatures (9-30°). The results revealed that vector P. burnerae, transmit BSV semi-persistently which is an indication of non-circulative mode of transmission of viruses. The results of this study contribute immensely to the elucidation of the mode of transmission of Banana streak virus by P. burnerae, thus enhancing development of novel control strategies of BSV transmission.