Morse, G.E., Gruwell, M.E., Claps, L.E., & Normark, B.B. 2005 Towards a combined molecular and morphological phylogenetic analysis of the Diaspididae.. Proceedings of the X International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies, held at Plant Protection Research Institute, Adana/ Turkey, 19-23 April 2004. Adana Zirai Muscadele Arastirma Enstitusu. Adana, Turkey. 408 pp.

Notes: ABSTRACT: Traditional taxonomic classification of Diaspididae has been notoriously difficult for several reasons. Primary among these is the fact that the most readily observable stage, the adult female, has undergone numerous losses of morphological characters. This is likely due to their highly sedentary and parasitic lifestyle and includes the loss of all appendages, normally a rich source of morphological characters in insect taxonomy. The tools of molecular systematics are a promising source of phylogenetically informative characters for this group. Here we present a preliminary analysis of a matrix that includes DNA sequences from three different gene regions (Cytochrome Oxidase I + II, Elongation Factor I-a, and Wingless), as well as several morphological characters, from over seventy species across the tribes of Diaspididae. We discuss the potential implications of our results for diaspidid classification.