Montgomery, J.H. 1921 Quarantine Department.. Quarterly Bulletin of the Florida State Plant Board 2(2): 41-55.

Notes: Species intercepted include Aspidiotus coccotiphagus, A. orientalis, A. subsimilis var. anonae, Aspidistrae scale, black scale, cactus scale, chaff scale, cherry scale, coconut mealybug, common mealybug, cottony cochineal insect, dictyospermum scale, Florida red scale, Florida wax scale, gloomy scale, greedy scale, hemisphaerical scale, ivy scale, latania scale, Lecanium corni, lesser snow scale, long-tailed mealybug, long scale, mealybug, mining scale, oyster shell scale, palm scale, pineapple mealybug, pineapple scale, Pseudaonidia tesserata, purple scale, pustule scale, Putnam's scale, pyriform scale, red bay scale, rose scale, rufous scale, San Jose scale, scurfy scale, soft brown scale, soft scale, soursop mealybug, walnut scale, white peach scale, and yam scale.