Moghaddam, M. 2009 Insects of Iran: The List of Coccoidea in the Hayk Mirzayans insect Museum of Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (2). Hemiptera: Coccoidea.. Publications, Plant Pests & Diseases Research Institute, Insect Taxonomy Research Department No. 16: 1-45

Notes: The superfamily Coccoidea known as Scale Insects are important pests of many crops. Coccoidea with over 7300 species worldwide consists of 27 families, of which 10 families have been recorded from Iran. This is the second list of the superfamily Coccoidea which contains all Iranian known families except for the family Diaspididae where checklist, was first published in this series (Moghaddam, 2004). The examined materials are deposited at HMIM of IRIPP, are as follows: Asterolecanidae: (2 genera, 3 species), Cerococcidae: (1 genus, 1 species), Coccidae: (16 genera, 21 species), Eriococcidae: (3 genera, 5 species), Kermesidae: (1 genus, 1 species), Margarodidae: (4 genera, 6 species), Ortheziidae: (1 genus, 1 species), Phoenicococcidae: (1 genus, 1 species) and Pseudococcidae: (21 genera, 31 species). The species are listed a long with their locality data, and date of collection.