Mishra, Y.D., Sushil, S.N., Bhattacharya, A., Kumar, S., & Mallick, A. 2000 Genetic variations in some productivity linked traits of female lac insects, Kerria spp. (Homoptera: Tachardiidae).. Journal of Entomological Research. New Delhi 24(2): 121-124.

Notes: Lac insect stocks collected from different localities and host plant species were studied for their performance in respect of five productivity linked female traits, viz., life period, fecundity, dry cell weight, diameter of the cell, and rate of sticklac production during the rainy crop season on Flemingia macrophylla by determining intertrait correlation for the former four traits as well as estimating genetic variance and heritability (in a broad sense) for all the five traits. A highly significant positive correlation between the cell weight and life period, cell weight and diameter of cell, fecundity and diameter of cell, as well as life period and diameter of cell was established. On the other hand, non significant correlation of fecundity with cell weight and life period was recorded.