Mishra, J.S., Poonia, S.P., Choudhary, J.S., Kumar, R., Monobrullah, M., Verma, M., Malik, R.K., & Bhatt, B.P. 2019 Rice mealybug (Brevennia rehi): a potential threat to rice in a long-term rice-based conservation agriculture system in the middle Indo-Gangetic Plain. Current Science 117(4): 566-568


  • climate change
  • control
  • illustration
  • Notes: Under changing global climate scenario, Conservation agriculture (CA) in rice-based cropping systems is being promoted to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on crop productivity. This report of rice mealybug at an epidemic level in long-term no-till direct-seeded rice in India indicates that it could become a potential threat to the crop under CA system in future. Therefore, appropriate strategies for its management, including control of grassy weeds in crops and field bunds, crop residue management and crop rotation need to be developed for the success of rice-based CA systems.