Mirbahar, T.J., Ianjar, A.G., Khatri, K.L., Bukero, A., Solangi, A.W., Rais, M.U.N., Kaleri, A.A., & Kaleri, R.R. 2018 Impact of male trapping techniques through sticky color traps on the development of population of mango mealybug, Drosicha mangiferae (Green) (Hemiptera: Margarodidae). Pakistan Entomologist 39(2): 5-8


  • mechanical control
  • Notes: The current study was carried out in mango orchard, District Tando Allahyar from Nov. 2011- May, 2012 was conducted to determine the color attraction and impact of sticky traps on the population of Drosicha mangiferae. The results revealed that 8 arthropod species including three mango pests namely mite, mango mealy bug (MMB) and mango hoppers were attracted to the color traps. It was concluded that Yellow Sticky Traps effectively captured the adult males as a result majority of females went down the tree without mating.