Milonas, P.G., Kozár, F., & Kontodimas, D.C. 2008a List of scale insects of Greece.. Proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies, Oeiras, Portugal, 24-27 September 2007. ISA Press Lisbon, Portugal 322 pp.

Notes: Abstract: A list of the scale insects recorded in Greece until 2006 is presented. At present, the number of scale insects known in Greece has reached 168. The species belong to 10 families, the most numerous of which are the Diaspididae (80 species), Coccidae (33 species), Pseudococcidae (28 species), and the Eriococcidae (11 species). Most of the species has been found in 3 prefectures (Attiki, Magnisia, Thessaloniki) implying that surveys have been restricted in certain areas. Apart from the literature review, 6 new records for Greece are reported here (Heterococclls nudus, Asterodiaspis variolosa, Lecanopsis turcica, Phenacoccus hrdei, Poliaspis cycadis and Orthezia yasushii).